My creative space :: Kumihimo

30 Jul

I’ve just discovered Kumihimo braiding and I’m having so much fun creating and wanted to share it with you!

So, what is Kumihimo?

Essentially, Kumihimo is Japanese braiding, and is often combined with beads to make beautiful jewelry. The term Kumihimo in the Japanese language means the gathering of threads. The literal translation of kumihimo means the ”coming together (kumi) of threads (himo)”. This technique involves using several highly developed looms for specific types of braids. 

For my braids I’ve been using some silks that my Gran had in storage for about 40 years (no lie), they are as good as new and are the most fabulous shades. 

This is my very first attempt and is a combination of four very pretty pastel shades, mauve, blossom pink, baby blue and pale green. I’ll be turning this braid into a necklace with a feature of Rose Quartz and White Jade.

To create a basic Kumihimo braid eight strands are tied together and the knot threaded through the middle of the ‘Kumi’ Disk. The excess threads are wound onto plastic bobbins to stop things from getting tangled. Then each strand is moved from top to bottom, turning anti-clockwise.

As you can see from this image I’ve pre-cut some lengths of silk and worked out colours and feature beads. I’m starting simple with a braid and I think these necklaces are going to look great with jeans and a casual weekend look. The next step is braiding with beads  and seed pearls, its more complicated and time consuming but looks amazing. 

When these necklaces are complete, I’ll be showcasing them on my blog and they’ll be available to purchase from my ‘Rock Ribbons’ online store, ‘BrisStyle’ Markets and my retail cube space at ‘In.cube8r Gallery’.


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