Endless loop of fashionable bliss

20 Dec

Here’s something for those of you that are feeling the chills on the other side of the world! The infinity scarf is this season’s big accessory news. As a matter of fact, it’s every season’s favorite accessory!

What is it? ::

Well, for starters, think of the infinity scarf as an endless loop of fashionable bliss. It’s trendy, sophisticated, super stylish and so very versatile. The infinity or circular scarf is much like a traditional scarf, but with no end.  A circular scarf that can be looped around the neck once, twice or multiple times. Having one loop of scarf rather than two ends gives a cleaner, neater look and removes the confusion on what the heck to do with those scarf tails!

What to wear it with? ::

Slip a fabulous pink knit infinity scarf around the neck over a white t-shirt, with a denim jacket and a floral print skirt. Wrap it once, wrap it twice, and if it rains pull it up over your hair and there you go – instant hoodie! Wear them with T’s, wear them with dresses, jeans and winter coats. The infinity scarf is available in my Etsy store and Rock Ribbons online store, in lots of beautiful on trend colours. Made with a soft and lightweight pashmina combination of 80% cashmere and 20% silk which makes them wearable all through Autumnal chills, Winter cold and the cool days of early Spring.

Get 10% off your order by entering the code ‘Thanks for shopping at Rock Ribbons’ at check out in ‘Rock Ribbons’ online store.

Circular Scarf Post


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