Dulux Colour Forecast for 2013 :: Rise

4 Jan

As a special event each day this week, I’ll be sharing with you each of the six colour forecasts from Dulux Colour for 2013. Dulux have broken up their trends into six different colour movements, Merge, Seek, Empower, Rise, Share and Blur.

Six portions

Each trend has been inspired by different cultural and environmental factors and explores how colour is moving around us, shifting and changing along with our world and all that is in it.

Todays movement is :: RISE

Rise Oblong


Somewhat austere, the Japanese design aesthetic is calm, quiet, considered and above all functional – a design style that is fitting with today’s need for a cocooning, composed environment and a space for contemplation.

Sooth your senses with the almost ethereal soft shades of Rise, a palette of sophisticated pastels that allows otherwise bulky forms to appear light and even soft.

Rise Square_1

Image styled by Bree Leech featuring Dulux colours Celery Satin, Clunies, Hog Bristle Half and Antique White U.S.A.

Rise Square_2

Image styled by Mim Design featuring Dulux colours Winnow with details in Limited White, Focus Point and Equanimity.


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