All about Rock Ribbons

Rock Ribbons is an Australian based online handmade artisan eco gifts boutique. The beautiful handmade gifts, accessories and home wares in store are all eco friendly, unique, ethical and colourful.

The materials used in each handmade item are beautiful and sustainable through the use of bamboo fibre, natural cotton, linen, agate stone, straw and leather.

Prices range from $20 to $200 and cover gift ideas for yourself, a loved one or your home, with free shipping worldwide. When we source and hand make our products it is with the intent to provide pieces that evoke emotions and memories. That lovely moment when you present that perfect gift to someone special, their smile, the pure joy in the gift of giving because they deserve it.

Purchase a gift from our online store as a way to show your meaning for the person and planet; meaningful gifts for thoughtful people. As it’s all about giving and receiving, there is a lovely gift for you with every purchase. Everything you see in store is infused with strong kiwi roots, an English sojourn, Middle Eastern escapade and finished off with exquisite Australian flair!

DESIGNER Deborah Batchelor

DESIGNED + MADE IN Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Where do you get your inspiration? “As a Graphic Designer inspiration comes to me in various forms from popular culture, trending colours and of course all the beauty I see in nature. I’m also inspired to create beautiful and practical items through necessity, handmade with heart.”

What has been your favourite piece and why? “My current favourite piece would be the agate coasters, which are organically unique with natural marbling and crystals. Each beautiful natural organic piece has a unique shape, colour and patina. Agate forms over thousands of years when silica-laden groundwater passes through air pockets in cooling lava deep within the earth.”

What is your favourite material to work with? “My favourite material at the moment is bamboo fleece. I currently have hand made bamboo baby blankets in store which use printed organic cotton and breathable bamboo fleece. These are a labour of love and created out of a need to find an eco covering for a baby that was 100% natural, free of chemicals and soft to the touch.”

If you were to expand your product range to something entirely different, what would it be? “As a brand Rock Ribbons is constantly evolving and is expanding the product range. I have a love for turning semi precious agate into something completely different. By creating talisman necklaces through the use of natural rough edge square agate stone, sterling silver and leather, these necklaces are sure to be a unique unisex fashion accessory.”

Describe your products in three words… “Organic. Unique. Colourful.”


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