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Quick run girlfriend . . .

27 Aug


Only four days left on my crowd funding campaign! So far (thanks lovely contributors) we’ve raised nearly $250 towards a $1000 target. For those of you unfamiliar with my campaign here’s a quick run down, for the last two months I have been trying to raise a small amount of capital via crowd funding to produce a range of beautiful natural organic baby blankets. It’s been a very hard decision to settle on just four organic cotton fabric designs and I’ve changed my mind a few times when my choice was out of stock. I think now I’ve finally made up my mind with the four below!

Updated Fabric Selections_1

There’s only four days to till the deadline on the 31st August and lots of lovely rewards left for you to choose from. There is a new reward starting at only $1 which will get you a warm virtual hug from me. If you would like to choose another eco friendly reward, I have seven others to choose from.

I’d like to celebrate and embrace you – my wonderful future customers – by thanking you in advance for being part of the growth of ‘Rock Ribbons’.

I have a wonderful collection of amazing rewards, stuff you can’t get just ANYWHERE else. Gorgeous handmade eco friendly items like natural glycerine soaps with essential oilshoneycomb and beeswax candleshandprinted linen tea towelscotton turkish bath towels and of course the lovely organic cotton and natural bamboo fleece blankets.

Warm hugs to you all

Beautiful Bamboo Blankets Babé – By Deborah Batchelor


New products in store :: Handmade Moroccan Quality Leather Ottomans

18 Jan

These handcrafted Moroccan leather footstools are a must-have for any room of your home and our now available on pre order in the Rock Ribbons store. I have one in every room of my house including the bathroom because you know someone always wants to chat about something when you are trying to relax! These authentic leather ottomans have so many uses around your home, they can be a footstool or used as extra seating, from the living room to the bedroom to the kids playroom.

Rock Ribbons Moroccan Pouf

Each one of these leather poufs are individually made by artisans in Morocco and ethically purchased using fair trade. After sourcing and buying the goat skin, it is cut and hand painted or dyed, then sent to the outskirt of Marrakech to be stitched and finished with silk embroidery by local Berber women to show off expert craftsmanship and a result that is durable and will stand the test of time. There are five people involved in making each pouf and it takes up one day to complete it.

They are all wonderfully unique, with subtle variations in the colour of the leather and will look beautiful and last for many years to come. Below are all the colours I have in store but if there is a colour you love and you don’t see it here, please send me a message and I’ll see what I can do!

Pre order you favourite colour now for just $120 and save $30 off the normal retail price! And to save even more, don’t forget 10% off your order just click on the coupon code box at checkout.

Meaningful gifts for thoughtful people by Rock Ribbons.

Rock Ribbons Gold Moroccan Faux Leather PoufRock Ribbons Dark Blue Moroccan Leather PoufRock Ribbons Moroccan Grey Leather PoufRock Ribbons Hot Pink Leather Moroccan PoufRock Ribbons Lilac Moroccan Leather PoufRock Ribbons Orange Moroccan Leather PoufRock Ribbons Pale Pink Leather Moroccan PoufRock Ribbons Pistachio Leather Moroccan PoufRock Ribbons Silver Faux Leather Moroccan PoufRock Ribbons Bright Blue Leather Moroccan PoufRock Ribbons White Leather Moroccan PoufRock Ribbons Yellow Leather Moroccan Pouf

Exciting happenings just around the corner

26 Dec

I have some very exciting news to share with you about what ‘Rock Ribbons’ has planned for early in the year!

As you know up until now everything in both my Etsy and online store has been designed and handmade by yours truly but in 2013 things will be changing ever so slightly! You’ll still be able to purchase all your ‘Rock Ribbons’ favourites in both online stores. But I’ll be expanding out the brand to include a few of my very favourite finds, that I know you’ll love (as much as I do) from artisan and fine crafts people in Turkey and Morocco.

Those of you that know me personally, know that I have a real passion and  interest in Persian, Moorish and Ottoman art, craft and design. I have been searching tirelessly for the right craftspeople to ethically source and work together with ‘Rock Ribbons’  to showcase their beautiful handmade objects.

From early next year (2013) I will be including two new product lines that are tried and tested during my world travels and in my own home. Beautiful natural and versatile, 100% cotton handwoven pestemal hammam towels which are handwoven and dyed with natural plant dyes and the colourful hand stitched long lasting Moroccan leather pouf/ottoman.

Handwoven pestemal hammam towels in Rock Ribbons

I’m very excited about the craftspeople I’ll be working with and having both these great products in store. The pestemal hammam towels will be available in January 2013. The moroccan leather poufs will be coming early 2013 and I am going to try something very new (for me) called crowd funding. This is where I might need your help (please and thank you), I will be launching a ‘Pozible’ campaign in January in order to create funds to purchase a larger wholesale order of the leather poufs from my trusted agent and skilled artisans contacts in Fez.

I’ll be posting more ‘Pozible’ campaign details closer to the date and over next few weeks and I’ll be explaining to you why I think these two products are so great!

Rock Ribbons Moroccan Pouf


BrisStyle Racecourse Road Christmas Markets Roundup

24 Nov

Friday night was the second to last markets for the year and ‘Rock Ribbons’ was at the BrisStyle Racecourse Road Christmas Markets. It was a great night out with Christmas carols, lots of wonderful handmade treasures and so many lovely people who stopped by at my table. Many thanks to HelenBelinda and the great team at BrisStyle for all the behind the scene work and organising yet another great market event.

Last market event of the year is the spectacular BrisStyle Twilight Market in King George Square (Brisbane) on 14th December.

This special Friday night event will create a festive lantern lit celebration of local independent art, craft and design around the Lord Mayors statuesque Christmas Tree and Pantomime stage. Along with over 100 local artisans specialising in soulful, stylish handmade, a host of Christmas parade performers will sprinkle their magic throughout the square.

Make your way up to the scenic deck above the square for more market stalls and the best view in Brisbane of all the festivities. With a café, restaurant and bar below, you can kick back to the sounds of Brisbane’s best jazz musicians, providing the perfect festive soundtrack to a Christmas shopping night like you’ve never experienced!

Support the local community this Christmas by shopping ethically for gifts with a unique Queensland twist at Brisbane’s HOTtest destination for everything handmade under the stars. So Brisbane based peeps, pop it in your iPhone diary and I hope to see you there!

New Collection :: Fine organza roses in bloom.

29 Jul

I would like to present my new collection for ‘Rock Ribbons’, handcrafted fine organza roses in bloom with beautiful large pearl hearts.

Each rose is handcrafted by me and made up of forty layers of sheer fine organza. There are three beautiful gradient colors in each bloom with a lovely large freshwater pearl heart.


I have created a combination of lapel and sash pins, bobby pins and hair adornment. I’ve also got creative ideas to add these colorful delights to necklaces and clutches.

If you are thinking of something colorfully different for your wedding and hair adornments for your bridal party. I would be happy to create multiples for you for your special day! Please contact me through my ‘Rock Ribbons’ facebook page.





These beautiful roses in bloom are available now to purchase from:

Upcoming market dates: Friday (19th August, 28th October and 16th November) at the BrisStyle Twilight Markets (5 – 9pm), King George Square, Brisbane City, Queensland.

Retail: In my in.cube8r gallery cube at 368 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Online: ‘Rock Ribbons’ Etsy online store.

How to make money on Etsy

20 May

Etsy is the ideal marketplace for artists to sell their hand-made goods. Here are tips from many of the site’s profitable sellers on how to boost your visibility and number of sales.

Last year, Etsy sold $180.6 million-worth of goods. The Brooklyn-based team behind this online marketplace for handmade crafts is helping many sellers profit handsomely by offering them a platform to sell their merchandise. Some aspiring entrepreneurs have even quit their day jobs to pursue their Etsy “store” as a career.

In April 2010, the number of items sold on Etsy totaled 1.3 million, and the statistics have been increasing exponentially since its inception in 2005. Though Chen and other profitable Etsy sellers believe the site isn’t for everyone, they offered these tips to help you boost both visibility and number of sales on the popular website.

How to Make Money on Etsy: Be Different

Etsy currently boasts 400,000 active sellers, which they define as individuals who have sold goods on the site within the past year. With such a high volume of goods for buyers to choose from, it’s crucial that the product is high quality and most importantly, unique. 

Ryan Aydelott and Josh Saathoff, owners of the Etsy store Isotope, have sold almost 9,000 of their quirky t-shirts on the site since they joined in June 2007. They too stress the importance of having a different product that really stands out. “Find a niche, even if it’s rather esoteric,” says Saathoff. “Don’t try to cater to everyone. From a design perspective, whenever I try to design for a specific audience it doesn’t work.”

How to Make Money on Etsy: Killer Photographs and Detailed Descriptions

Like any e-commerce site, Etsy buyers are generally purchasing items sight unseen. They’ll be shelling out money for the product before they get the chance to try it on, touch it, or smell it – which means photographs and product descriptions need to be spot-on.

Elle Greene, who runs AustinModern, a Texas-based vintage furniture store on Etsy, says photography and descriptions are a crucial part of her business. In Greene’s experience, catalogue-style photos, which may work well on some sites, aren’t met with much success on Etsy. “Etsy is very focused on photography. I’ve learned more about editorial-style photography from my experience on the site than I could have ever imagined.” 

Greene says photo and prop stylists frequently peruse the site and look for not only a beautiful photograph, but also as much information about the product as possible. AustinModern’s descriptions include the product’s dimensions, weight, materials, condition, history, and more. Greene must have the right idea – her pieces have been featured in magazines like Elle Décor and Architectural Digest.

While many Etsy sellers can’t afford to hire professionals to shoot their products, there are a ton of great resources on the site itself. Etsy’s blog features sections like “The Seller Handbook” and “Your Shop 101,” in addition to hundreds of forums that provide sellers with photography tips and tricks. Some sellers even recommend bartering goods in exchange for the services of a photo-savvy friend or Etsy member.

How to Make Money on Etsy: The Art of the Listing

A lot of strategy goes into the way items are listed, how often they’re listed, and the number of items an Etsy store has at any given time.  

Ryan Aydelott of Isotope says that the item’s title is of the utmost importance. When an item is listed, it can be marked with up to fourteen search ‘tags’ that allow the item to be searchable for potential buyers.  “The tags have to be relevant. If you try to cast a huge net, you get bad results, but when you’re very specific and descriptive, you’ll have better luck,” Aydelott says. In his experience, shorter titles are better than longer ones.

Elle Green of AustinModern agrees. “Rather than naming the product, such as calling a hand-crafted peice of jewerly the ‘Elizabeth Ring,’ describe what the product actually is,” she says. “Think about how people would be searching for it. There are so many incredible things on that website that are not being found just because of the way they are named.” For example, a good title might be ‘Purple Gemstone Ring Set in Sterling Silver.’

Both Greene and Aydelott say that the number of listings, and how often you list, really depend on what type of product you’re selling. According to Aydellot, having 50 to 100 items in your store at a given time is optimum. “Statistically, people browse through two to three pages of listings (each page features about 20 items),” he says. “So 60 items is about all you’ll have the chance to get their attention with. If you don’t give them what they want within the first 60, you’ve lost them.” Sellers have also found that if you only have a few items in your store, people won’t stay to click around.

Greene says that the way Etsy’s search function is designed, the most recently listed items show up in search results first. “If you listed something three months ago, it will be at the very back of the search results, even if it’s the exact thing that someone is looking for,” she says. Greene tries to list two or three new items each week, though that number might be more ideal for a furniture store, than say, a jewelry designer.

How to Make Money on Etsy: Get Involved

Many Etsy sellers find it beneficial to become a part of the Etsy community. Chen receives a flood of messages from eager new sellers every day asking for advice. She says that the majority of questions she gets can be answered by simply browsing though the forums, blogs, and threads on the site. Aside from offering a wealth of useful information, forums and blogs help new sellers gain exposure to their peers. 

There are even self-organized groups of sellers, or Etsy “teams,” that are formed based on geographic location or a common interest. They facilitate things like taking out joint advertisements or attending local craft shows, and also provide sellers with a sense of community. Here are a few examples ‘Down Under Street Team’ (DUST) and BrisStyle Etsy Street Team.

Aydelott and Saathoff, in addition to thousands of other Etsy sellers, say their Etsy experiences have been incredibly positive. “It’s a great springboard and an incubator to test out a concept. Small crafters are going to learn customer service, business management, photography, and so much more,” Saathoff says. “It’s truly an entrepreneurial bootcamp.”

This article first appeared in Inc. Magazine May 11th 2010 and is written by Lindsay Silberman 

Rock Ribbons featured on ‘Crafty Mumma’s’ Blog

11 May

‘Rock Ribbons’ is very pleased to be the ‘Crafty Mumma of the Week’! Once a week ‘Crafty Mumma’ dedicate their blog to one random page with photo’s and an about you section. Yippee, this week it was my turn!

‘The Crafty Mumma’s’ blog & Facebook fanpage was designed to appreciate hard working Mum’s or Mum’s-to-Be that have come up with unique and crafty designs for other people to enjoy and purchase.