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Toadstools popping up everywhere!

28 Nov

These fun little night light mushrooms proved to be such a hit with you all at a recent ‘Rock Ribbons’ event last week, that I’ve decided to see how they will go stocking them in store. I always think they look a little ‘Alice in Wonderland’!

The colours available are yellow, green, pink, red and blue, all with cute little white polka dots. They will retail for an introductory offer of $5.00 each or a discounted $20.00 if you would love a set of all five colours. They make great night lights for kids rooms or presents for the little ones and take just three small AAA batteries. They are perfectly safe to leave on all night and easy for little hands to turn on and off, just by pressing down twice on the top of the toadstool.

They are on order and on the way to ‘Rock Ribbons’ HQ as we speak but if you would like to pre-order, please contact me here.